My name is Harold Rhenisch. I am a literary writer and editor exploring new genres from the dry grasslands of the Columbia Plateau on the Northwest slope of North America. In March and April 2013, I will be writing in residence at the Skriðuklaustur Cultural Centre in North East Iceland, where I will be working on a project about the Icelandic writer Gunnar Gunnarson, who built the centre in 1939, his relationship to his land, and his contributions to innovative directions for nonfiction and fiction writing in the 21st century. You can find my literary writing at www.haroldrhenisch.com, my new environmental writing at www.okanaganokanogan.com, and some short notes on the process of writing at www.witual.wordpress.com. This blog, A Farm in Iceland, will document my research, discoveries, and writing process leading up to a presentation at Skriðuklaustur in April, 2013. Along the way, there will be much to say about the nature of writing, as conducted by humans living closely with each other and the earth, and where we can go with it in this upcoming century in which we are tasked with saving our planet.

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  1. niasunset

    Amazing blog and photographs, I keep following with pleasure and I enjoy. I changed my blog to private, and I wanted to send an invitation to you too, but I can’t send. If you wish you can send a request to me, I would be so glad to see you in my blog too. Thank you dear Harold, Love, nia


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