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Out of Bounds

This photographer on Dyrhólaey is out of bounds. She crossed a barrier to get here. Thousands do.

Some die. Is this view not good enough?

Is this one not good enough?

What about this? So bad you need to die to get a different one?

We’d rather you were alive, really. Really. Besides, if you just turn around, you can see almost forever.

Then we could all go back and grill a lamb or something, drink some lava beer and have a great good time.

Well, ok, maybe not that.

A Different Perspective on the Reynisdrangar Trolls

They are famous, these ship-stealing trolls of South Iceland. You can see them off the point in the distance below, looking east…

…and  looking  west  below.

But it’s the few from the north, from their lair, that shows how close they came to dragging those fishing boats in for dinner, and how alive they still are.

Never think a troll is dead. That would be a big mistake for your subconscious life, indeed.

Easy Identification of Elf City Sites

Elf farms and villages are craggy things to spot, but major cities hover inside the light. You can reach through the sun and… almost grasp them.


Evening is the best time for the sea to mix the Sun and the Earth and turn everything to salt dust in the air. Prepare for tears… of joy? of anguish? Ah, the elves are telling no secrets.

Waterfall as Spaces of Unity

Words teach us to see waterfall, cliff and light.


And shadow.


But they are one thing, together.





Even when they have no name!

Even with ice. Even in winter rain.


Even with blood-red birches. Everything you add becomes the fall. It ceases to be separate.


Even a river can become sky.


Even sky can become a river.


Even underground rivers entering the sky from the mouth of the earth.


Even falls held within the Earth!


They are all falls, not water, light, stone, air, water, grass or trees. They are always once thing together, all at once.


This is a great mystery, not because it is unknown, but because it is vital.


This teaching, and this view deep into human-earth relationships in Iceland, continually inspires me. The land is alive, as is the water, and any words that are hanging around start there first.