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In Iceland, You Can’t Escape Gravity

They call gravity a fell here, or a fall. Often both at the same time.

You can’t escaping falls. The experience of gravity below is an example of what is called a hike. Anything less than this is called a walk. Don’t confuse the two.
Below is a walk. Walks are wet.  But gravity is a compensation! It’s good to keep your eye on it. Practice makes perfect.

In Reykjavik, gravity is still at work. I mean, the pot-smoking graffiti artists of Rome and New York and …? … aren’t issued ladders at customs. As a result, they walk from ground level.

Icelandic workers are better equipped to defy gravity.


They’ve been hiking, see. They know about falls. They’re everywhere. You can even fall off a road into the sea here.

Better get in some practice at balance. Off you go!