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The Strangest Thing About Iceland

Well, maybe not the strangest, but pretty endearing nonetheless.

In a country with virtually no trees, and most of those looking like this …

… or this …

… it has the most robust wooden scaffolding imaginable.

It’s not that there isn’t metal scaffolding.

Even more amazing: when you cut up Icelandic trees, as the Green Party did in the election of 2013, they look like this:

(They didn’t win. It’s really too bad, with a platform like that!) Some things are just unhinged.


And that’s that!

Wild Golf

Right. So maybe you see some tractor ruts. That’s tourist thinking, eh.

This is a city in the West Fjords. Yes, that’s the way they look out here. But, more than that…. this is the þingeyri golf course. Yeah, yeah, in Canada where I live, golf is a gentrified sport, reducing indigenous and agricultural land to suntans and beer. In Iceland, it’s a bit different. I like that. A lot.

Note the amenities. Mowing crew.

Spotters. Lookie-loos.

Water trap.

Clubhouse. Air conditioned.

Volcanic grunge. Very challenging.

9 holes, par 78. Watch that ankle. Here’s the first aid team. 

Lumpy bits. But lovely.

Really lumpy.

Real lovely. A bit soggy in bits.

But a great city view.


Lose your heart in the West Fjords. You won’t regret it. Fore!