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When you live on the beach, well, that’s nice.

But if you have a church on the beach, you build a wall. That’s nice, too.

A bit dark, though.  So it is. But not half so dark as the church!

Kind of a repetition of the motif of the cliff, really, but, heck, in this place, even the sea is a cliff wall.


The land has its way with us.

Elves are Lonely

And that’s the truth.

Poor things, looking longingly across the gap between worlds. So do humans view their births in the language of their bodies. For the elves, though, birth is not a moment, but a location, that recurs on and on and on.

So do humans focus the strength of their bodies and the world, and move together when they move back in. So is the mind born of the world.

It is what minds, and remembers, and stays.