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How Winter Comes to Reykjavik

It comes over the mountains from the glaciers, who draw it from the sky and send it back to the sea as an image of themselves.winter

November 5, 2016, Viðey

It comes as a flood. It comes in a fog river many kilometres in width. It doesn’t come from the Atlantic. That is Caribbean water out there. Up in the sky, well, that is a far different thing. That is not this world at all.

Thought and Memory on the Black Road

When the god Oðin plucked out an eye to receive all the wisdom in the world, he received two ravens: Thought and Memory.p1310979

Here they are in Kerlingardalur, thinking and remembering. What else is consciousness?



Well, yes, ice, but that comes from beyond the world. That is unconsciousness. That is what you need thought and memory for, lest they have you.


That’s the way of the black road.