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Grundarfoss and Its Mysteries

I took this image of Grundarfoss on a very cold morning because, well, how cool is it that the public water supply of a major city of 872 people (huge for Iceland) is a waterfall. Very cool! So cool, I could hardly hold the camera steady.

But look what I missed, at the base of the cliff just to the right of the base of the main fall: a lava tube. Now, how cool is that! But, of course, it’s a public water supply, so no snooping around there. Rats. What about the troll at the base of the hill at the left of the image. I bet they’d let me go visit it.

Sea of Milk: Renaming Iceland for Fun

Time to make a new map. Here, let’s start:

And the map?

Perfect. Wouldn’t it be fun to make maps rather than to follow them? To discover Iceland, like the settlers did, because it is, after all, a culture of settlement? For instance, Hafnarfjall …

… would be…

Mount of Atlantis (on the Sea of Milk)

It sounds like it’s on the Moon, doesn’t it, but, well…

… the place already looks like that, too!


The Magic of an Icelandic Dawn

It is best to leave the city in the dark and strike east. If you time it right, you’ll be right on time. Be right on time. You can sleep later. Now is not the time for sleep.


There is a special hour on Þingvallavatn. Right after darkness, it is light. Then the light extinguishes and the world begins without illusion: blue.

The soul rises early. Everything that follows is just light.