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Living Iceland

Iceland is alive.

Look at her body. If you walk there, you are walking through a space that only your body can speak, because these are its forms.

And so you are your body. By walking here you speak within a conversation.

Beautiful talk.

Beautiful you.

You are alive here, or rather…

… life is you. Here:

And here:

And here:

The Cost of Air Travel

Welcome to the wilderness of the mind.When confronted with the absence of words for the mirror that is the world, people often fill the space where they have never had a chance to build a self with their body.It is an expression of rapid, long-distance transportation of the body from its living environment to one only its ancestors had words for, if even them.

It turns the living earth, and her people, into a maze in a desert. Not all are at home in the world. These new sculptures, echoes of tourism, threaten the environment of the cairns the first settlers laid down, to find their way to each other.