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Icelandic Mountain Wisdom

Because waterfalls in basalt are the shape of skulls, the shallow bowls that catch the energy of life that is the world, they are great places to think.


It’s a good thing you don’t have to translate those thoughts into words.


To walk into these canyons is to walk away from story into poetry.


Note the “field” on the upper right.

People used to live here. This was the boundary of a house field.


You didn’t look out. You looked in.


Why Do Icelandic Horses Have Long Ears?

Wind! You’d lose the use of one ear most of the time if you didn’t.

A serious issue! Plus, it’s stylish, eh.

If you turn your head, you can hear even better, but you can’t always do that now, can you. You want to, like stand still.

All together now!

There’s no arguing with it. It’s a thing.



The Land of the Wind

The dunes of East Iceland are pure environments of wind. The black volcanic soil is sculpted by the wind, the grasses are blown in by the wind and anchor the soil by it. They use the wind to pollinate their blooms and to disperse their seeds, as well. And the snow is blown across the dunes by the wind, forming dunes of its own, and echoing the forms of the land, as you can see in the exquisite mirrored half moon of dune and drift below.

It is the place where the air above the sea becomes the air above land, a powerful place of transformation and extreme energies. It makes dunes a dangerous place for humans, a place almost simultaneously expressing the edges of human life and their absolute, grounded centre. So it is with the shore of the sea. So it is with the shore of the wind.

What Colour Should You Wear in Iceland?

It starts innocently enough. You’re grazing with your buddies, right.

Hey, it’s a reindeer thing. If the swans and geese want to graze along with you, what’s it to you, right? There’s grass for all. No, that’s what people might thing. Reindeer? Time to split.

Bye. It’s about colour matching, I think.

When you go to Iceland in the winter, wear white.

Meeting the Earth Head On

As the frailty of the fence below shows, the Icelandic way of meeting the Earth is either foolish or heroic, or both.

Grótfjall from the Dunes

The Earth is huge, and humans are small, and yet they stand up against each other, body to body. It is hardly an equal relationship… or is it? The fence stands in witness.