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Sinkholing: A Photographic Adventure in Iceland

Sure, you can go spelunking in a cave and see a few columns of stone, but nothing beats a bit of sinkholing in April.

There are mysterious worlds just under the ice.

They only last few a few weeks.

Like viewing fall leaves or spring plum blossoms, really.

Just as beautiful, too.

Aw shucks, it’s May. You’re too late!

But the magic will come again next year!

Two Speed Iceland

The water swirls, and the wind swirls in the water, and under the effects of a kind of spiritual gravity, they congeal.If humans could move at their speed, they would still be swirling, but we are so fast that they appear still. We are light flickering on the surface of these flows.

And that’s beautiful, too.  That’s Iceland: a country that lives at two speeds, at once.

Beautiful Ice on the Glacial Lagoon

The sun is bright inside the ancient ice of the glacial lagoon.p1320729

As the ice melts away, the sun inside is slowly revealed.p1320793

This is an artwork written with the stone the glaciers cut out of the mountains many centuries ago.p1320726

They have come together again, in beauty.


In mystery.p1320457

And in wonder.p1320459

This is the glory of the world.p1320458

Its moods are 50,000 years in the making.


They are not human moods.

Even the darkness is light.


Even the light is darkness.p1320449

You can see by it.


You have only a few minutes.