Word Farming

Welcome to a farm as a literary genre. I’m going to land in Iceland on March 16, 2013, and will begin my residency at the novelist Gunnar Gunnarsson’s old farm Skriðuklaustur on March 25. This blog will be an online home for the many explorations that make up this journey to the centre of the earth.


Hint: This Journey is Not Like Jules Verne’s in 1874. He made his up. 

But the torch is a good touch. Let’s hang onto that, in case it gets dark.

What better way to start than to get to know our characters? They are a puzzling lot, who are not quite the way they seem at first glance. For example, which one of the characters below is the troll? Is he here in Þingvellir?

trolls show pics2.136

Or here west of Vik?


Or maybe here, east of Kirkjubaerjarklaustur?

trolls show pics2.124Tough, isn’t it! One of the foundations of this project is a discussion of the relationship between rock and the human subconscious, in people who have been acclimatized to a place. We’ll be talking more about that, and, of course, about word farming and other old technologies, too.

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