How to Say Hello in Icelandic

Sometimes travellers haven’t quite managed the Hae! or the Góðan daginn!, and for them Icelanders have a secret welcoming code, revealed here for the first time, ever. Here’s how it goes, step by step. At first, everyone is snoozing with their buddies…


Sweet Morning Dreaming in Fljótsdalur

Sleeping in at 8:30 a.m.

If you didn’t get that, it’s the reindeer people …


and the swan people (and their goose comrades) …


all zonked out together in the same quilt. But will it last? No, it will not. A traveller has come, and needs a proper greeting …

P1400913 At first, a little face to face and then …P1400914…some tra la la and then some honking ….

P1400919 … and then a little bit of confusion because the hosts don’t know if everyone is going out for a nature safari or settling in for breakfast …P1400920

… and then a bit of a gangly entrance (with honking) …


… getting more coordinated (more honking) …


… and, oh, nicely done (Honk! Honk! Honk!) …


… and everyone settles down in the lovely quiet of the morning to pick at the frozen ground, together, that’s the thing, to – ge – ther…


… well, except …


… Oh, rats, all that woke the neighbours up. The neighbours have some thoughts about that …

xingGóða ferð!

(And that does not mean hello.)

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