Iceland Behind the Magic Curtain

You know the Iceland that is marketed as “The beautiful Nature” and freedom and communal thinking and The Blue Lagoon and the flash mob rewriting the constitution and puffin tours and rotted shark and all that?wireThis isn’t that Iceland.


4 thoughts on “Iceland Behind the Magic Curtain

  1. Lois

    Good photo… somehow quite disturbing! The mountain looks so menacing and I can imagine something awful erupting unexpectedly from the calm waters of the lake!

    1. Harold Rhenisch Post author

      You’re right about the lake. Five kilometres down the valley this water assembles into a lake, complete with a legend of a Wyrm, or it’s very own Nessie, but here it’s a river… and not just any river, but the river from the next valley over that has been poured through the heart of the mountain, run through turbines to power a controversial aluminum smelter, and here stilling after it has come about 3 kilometres through a deep canal, and joining the local river before finally stilling into the lake.

  2. Harold Rhenisch Post author

    Jökulsá á Fjöllum, looking up the Suðurdalur. This was the beginning of the old route to the south, across the glaciers.


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