What Do You Get When You Cross A Sheep With a Raven?

The angelic sheep of Skogarkot!p1400557

Pahoe-hoe lava in Þingvellir National Park

When you can read it you know you have begun to spend enough time alone with the earth. This is the natural enlightenment.

4 thoughts on “What Do You Get When You Cross A Sheep With a Raven?

    1. Harold Rhenisch Post author

      They are very fine!

      Pahoe-hoe is Hawaiian, though, just for the record. It’s ropey surface lava. Very nice. Not much of it here where I live, as the glaciers gnawed most of it off… but lots in iceland, and lots in the south of my grassland, beyond the glacial margin.

      1. beachbooksblog

        That’s why I clapped my hands, that here is an Icelandic name that I can pronounce without trying… Hawaiian names are very dancy, that explains this wonderful title for this kind of lava.

      2. Harold Rhenisch Post author

        The great thing about Icelandic names is that if you go there often enough they make sense at last!

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