A New Map of Iceland

When I landed in Reykjavik three weeks ago, I found a map of Iceland made of stone and ice, frozen in the harbour. It was cold that day, with a strong wind. Now I am in the East Fjords and the wind came up again, and look what I found …

P1400396A Map of Iceland in Water and Ice

Still not perfect, but getting there.

Oh, and where am I sending this image from? Here…

whereAll day I’ve been working on Gunnar’s book Inseln im Großen Meer, or Islands in the Wide Sea, which chronicled Gunnar’s trip to the Islands of the Atlantic and the Spanish Mediterranean in 1928.  It is a beautiful book, with islands of light appearing out of the great dark sea, which is not just water but childhood and paradise, changing as the light and his mood changes, and always foreboding and dangerous, with the kind of awe usually reserved for God. Today, in East Iceland, though, all that water is more like this …

P1400580Last Night’s Photograph of the Night by the Night…

… on a retina of ice.

This, too…

P1400548See what Gunnar means?





8 thoughts on “A New Map of Iceland

      1. simonjkyte

        I was there – I had tea with a family who my penfriend knew as a kid. I walked back to the hostel and watched a video about a sea rescue of a trawler from my mum’s village in northern england

    1. Harold Rhenisch Post author

      You’re lucky that your mum had a seaport in her apron. Mine had apples and she once beat a rattlesnake to death with a corn broom because I was playing with it. It was fun while it lasted.

      1. Harold Rhenisch Post author

        I was playing with the snake. I was 2. My poor mother. I like seaports, though, wherever they are.

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