True Love in Reykjavik

The ideal woman of Reykjavik, c. 1400…

Mary of the Hallgrímmskirja

Note that she is on life support with an artificial power source.

… and in the modernist period …

P1550132Woman at the Picnic Site

Still with a child. The houses in behind look like Nordhausen. Statues like this show up in Germany at nationalist sites, such as the Dornbürger Schlösser north of Jena. There, though, she has no child.

… and today …


Green Party Election Candidate on a Bus Shelter

What a journey! There’s more …

greenGreen Party Window, Reykjavik

This an unfolding story. The oldest telling of it and the newest are still alive together at the same time. Look …
P1530638Adam’s Hotel for Travellers

Right by the Hallgrímmskirja, too.

At first, it looks like a clever pun, in the old Icelandic tradition, but look, right next door, in a passageway, amidst the tagging …

P1530643Green’s a great colour, but it’s the details that matter. Look inside that tag …


Adam, we blush. In this context …


See What I Mean about Nordhausen, that DDR ruin?

Maybe not. You had to be there in that DDR mining town abandoned by reunification, I guess.

Still, her beau is here…


Adam? Is that You, Bro?

I wish the lovers well.

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