Reykjavik: City of Books

Like Gunnar,


I had to leave the farm  …

snaefells… (It was hard for us both), and go to the city of books …

bookcity2… which, as you can see, centre

… has, like my Canada, adopted a new colonial master. Colonies do that, of course. It’s all they know. Still, in this city where everyone is a poet, some of this poetry is illegal…P1530675


… while some of it, identical to an eye from the farm, is legal…

P1530676 … which is weird. Copyright squabbles can be like that. But, hey, it’s a city, with its own sense of the commons and its own intrusions into it, but even so some, of it is beautiful…cracked … and the horses still have powerful things to say …bike


… there are still meadows full of flowers …



… and I would almost be tempted to say that we writers are guilty of something for which there is no possible absolution, except that even here we are children of God …


Agnes, Child of God

… and he has kept the light on. We may be for sale, and a little hounded by traffic …



… but that’s the book business for you. At any rate …



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