The Lonely Mountain

At dusk, this volcano broods under its glacier, far from its sisters, above a land the colour of blood.

snaefellsWelcome to Snaefells. Jules Vernes went to the centre of the earth here. Surely, Bilbo fought his dragon Smaug here. This mountain is greater than that, though. She pulses with power, alive and potent within her cloud, creating weather. As an indication of its power, look to her eastern flank.


See that? The mountains around Snaefells turn to light in the afternoon, and open up a pathway into other worlds. Snaefells does not. She is here, physical, and present. That is quite the feat, because look at the Atlantic at her feet.

bright2If you thought Iceland was in the North, don’t forget the Gulf Stream, because this is not North. So, yes, Snaefells is at the centre of the Earth. This is Middle Earth, between the worlds of Fire and Ice. For a view of the strength of this effect, compare the water that has bled out of the land, with the bright sea below.


Iceland is a living animal. Snaefells herds her. Forget this at your peril.

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