Walking Away from the Waterfall

Waterfalls collect travellers and then let them go.

p1340919Iceland lives off of this desire . Storms are an older form of commerce. They bring kelp, fish and sea wrack through the white ring of surf (or fate) that surround the black land. They also bring light.

stormI am learning to walk away from the waterfall. I am not disappointed.

curveEvery minute, the light changes. I’ve been watching that . By early evening (3 pm), the water flowing out of the land’s pastures is blood
fencepoolA gorgeous, non-human blood. Life is an art.

p1340934 p1340981 p1350339 p1350456 p1350494Nature is a drug that makes us walk past the dark, as if it were not telling us where we live and what is coming to us on the tide.

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