Forever on Guard for Iceland

While we’ve been chatting, the ogress of Dritvik has been keeping guard to the west. p1350855

Day in and day out, in darkness and light, with a cormorant on her head, or not, she has been guarding against the formlessness that comes in off the sea.  With her troll whale companion. Never heard of a troll whale? Go to Dritvik.


Together, they watch out, for us.


This is vitally important work. I give thanks.

3 thoughts on “Forever on Guard for Iceland

  1. beachbooksblog

    Would love to visit them once. I know I will 🙂 Iceland and Grand Canyon are two places where I want to go first. Thanks for reminding. See you, Dritvik and troll whale.

    1. Harold Rhenisch Post author

      It would be great if a dozen or two dozen bloggers could visit the trolls together, and each make their own images and stories out of it.

      We could tour Iceland, on the great Troll tour.

      Funny thing, there is a German tour company active in Iceland, called Troll Tours. But I don’t think they’re visiting trolls and ogres. Which is too bad.


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