The Two Icelands (Well, Really Three)


There’s the pretty one.

Borgarfjörður Eystri

And across the street, the rusty one. All the fish are gone. Beautiful, though.


With ruins in the foreground.

And weird driftwood art.

Neither is Iceland, though. That’s something the Icelanders keep to themselves. What they present to you in its place are charms and gestures.

You know, stuff you remember from the world.

2 thoughts on “The Two Icelands (Well, Really Three)

  1. Sara J Hotchkiss

    Bottom picture, is that Wild Parsnip? It’s a major skin irritant here. And do you know the name of the plant growing on the stream-bank with the slightly cupped leaves? thank you.

    1. Harold Rhenisch Post author

      Hi, more commonly one finds Angelica in Iceland. It’s everywhere. This, however, is dock. Yellow probably, by the look of it. As for the cupped leaves, I don’t have the original with me today, but when I do I’ll have a closer look. Best, Harold


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