The Language of Iceland Herself

“A volcanic wasteland”? Hardly. Here are some terms to help you navigate the intricate environment of Iceland.

Pile or hillock:

Tussock, or Mound:

Note that on this island, those are both islands. Here’s another eyeland on an island, aye.

Mess, heap or scatter:

Makes you thankful for eye lids! Here’s a nice variation on the tussock and island theme:


And here is a…


Note that it’s in the lee of an artificial pile called a wall. Here’s a variation on the wall, made not of stone but of sod and a couple flowers (in the lower left below):


And as for drifts, well they can be of stone, too, not just of life. When that’s the case, they are alive and are called a flow, as in a lava flow:

Now, put them together in the so-called volcanic wasteland, and you get…

Islands within islands within islands in a sea of sand.

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