Icelandic Engineers Having Fun

How do Icelandic engineers have fun?


They make street art. A Mohr’s Circle is a two-dimensional representation of stresses in materials.  Compare the representation of stresses above with the more technical one below.

Nice. Here’s Wikipedia’s explanation of just why one might do this:

Internal forces are produced between the particles of a deformable object, assumed as a continuum, as a reaction to applied external forces, i.e., either surface forces or body forces. This reaction follows from Euler’s laws of motion for a continuum, which are equivalent to Newton’s laws of motion for a particle. A measure of the intensity of these internal forces is called stress. Because the object is assumed as a continuum, these internal forces are distributed continuously within the volume of the object.

So, here’s the Icelandic version again:

Lots of permutations through stress there, all delightfully witty.

And why is the Icelandic version so much more accessible and, well, fun? Ah, that’s because Icelandic engineers are well-versed in the barbs of thought and look for any chance for them to go away.

I think that’s it.

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