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Teaching Art in Iceland

First a teacher’s kit for student artists, 5 years old. Note the empty chamber to right!

Then a bit of what they’re going to have to deal with as adults with the skills learned from those tools. Note how the empty chamber has almost completely won. Then a reinforcing lesson in applying foreign tools as training mechanisms.

And some of the cut-and-paste consequences.

And again, this time in downtown Reykjavik.

A closer view of early art education is shown below. Please compare it to the image above. Note how the colours are used to train young minds into cut-and-paste and construction techniques. The stuff is even called “construction paper.” Keep your eye on the black stuff. An adult helped with that!And, finally, an image of that black diamond above, when written out on the land.

In Iceland, children are herded, and in their herds they are free. 1100 years of herding culture drove this lesson home.

The Icelandic Enlightenment

It is coming. Everything that has been explored in the past is new.p1190186

An Icelandic science is possible. Currently, it is called art, or Nature, or some other European concept. It is waiting for its moment.


This isn’t Europe, though. This is the Garden. This is the moment.


Its terms can be redefined from the land up, instead of being classified to fit into a foreign hierarchy. Courage is all.


The world starts here, from here. As the world drifts into madness, sanity becomes more important than ever.


Nothing is known. Nothing has been seen before. Beauty is our guide to the energies of the land, which are the energies of our minds.


This is the primary human experience. Settlement of our bodies begins now.


Let’s dare.