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What Are the Trolls Up to, Anyway?

Sure looks like a troll!


But just down the beach, check this out:

Did trolls have a war some many thousand years ago, with huge cannonballs, or what? Because this iron is not wedged into the rock from above or behind or any such thing. It’s within the rock. I guess, only the trolls know.

And they’re messing with us.

Iceland at War and Peace

The Battle of Örlygsstaðir was fought in a sheepfold on August  21, 1238. A terrible business. It was fought here.


It was a rout. It’s hard to defend yourself behind a three-foot-high loose stone wall. Little is left.p1190503

There’s a bench, for when the grimness of battle and waste overcomes you.


But, look: sheep!p1190507-2

Battles come and go, but sheep remain.

Forget the cruise missiles. Take the long view. Go with the sheep.