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How the Land and the Sea Create Men

In the understanding of people who live off their land, water is not a substance but an expression of the live-giving quality of slopes with certain qualities: not to collect water, exactly, but to amass it, like gravity. It is this coming together of forces which is water.
watersea An ocean is a different thing altogether. It, too, is not water, but, if the expression of a water out of the land can teach anything, I think it’s that the image below is identical to the one above, with one exception: in the image above, the ocean below is transformed by the lens of the land into the concentration of energy called water.lone

This ocean, Gunnar Pointed Out, is the great sea of undifferentiated life and death. They are only sorted by passage through a shore.


In effect, this passage is the same one created by the forms of the land that created the small lake above the sea I showed you above. Here it is again, so you can compare.


The product is the same: you are looking at human life being formed by the land.

The Beauty of Light on Water

Out of darkness, light. Look at water now …


Stream Below the Hengifoss

Flotsdalur, Iceland.

Is it water? Is it light? If so, they are not like any water or light contemporary words have made. These are the elements of the universe. This is what it looks like when you stare the universe in the eye. Look:


Light Mixing With Water

… or is that Water Mixing with Light?

That’s cooked volcanic clay as a streambed. Here they are again, in a view from a mammal that can’t seem to hold steady or stop breathing and that left its tripod back in the car, but maybe it’s best that way …

Through such attention the planet sees itself. I love that.


Looking Back Upstream