Reading Iceland

Here are some poems that the land wrote.
The land reads them, too.

Even the sun reads them.


It helps with the writing as well.


It is best to consider reading and writing as the same act.


They happen simultaneously.



You have the capacity to read along.


You could call it a map, if you like, for a voyage.p1320732

There and back again.



Now for a novel.




4 thoughts on “Reading Iceland

  1. purelandsutras

    Excellent photos!!! Lets see if I can add some words to it:

    The land is cold
    And cloaked in frost,
    The fields are frozen
    White and barren,
    But it has a warmth
    That none possess:
    Thy ethereal dreams!
    For its eternal gleam,
    Lights the coldest nights
    And shines ever so bright,
    Brighter than the sun!
    Illuming this ivory island,
    Poseidon’s pearl in the
    Shimmering sea!

    If you like it, all my work is in public domain.


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