Middle Earth at the Meeting Place

Miðgarðr, the pasture set aside for human people, is also called “Middle Earth.”  The forces that set its bound, as can be seen here at Þingveillir, the Meeting Place, are huge. This is creation. This too: click.

6 thoughts on “Middle Earth at the Meeting Place

  1. aFrankAngle

    We had a short stopover in Iceland this summer. Very impressive in many ways … and we hope to return.

    PS: Nia sent me. 🙂

      1. aFrankAngle

        We only had 2 full days flanked by 2 partial days – which we enough to get a feel for its majestic offerings.

      2. Harold Rhenisch Post author

        A great start! We started with 7 days on a U-Drive circle tour, then returned for a 3-week-long poke-around the whole country tour, then a 6 week stint (including a 4 week long artists’s residency) in March, and then an early winter don’t-you-love-this-wind!! tour of the south and west in November (what wonderful light). We missed stuff, so will be going back, that’s for sure. You, too, I hope.


      3. aFrankAngle

        We have friends you drove the circle around the country. Because we had so little time, Golden Circle on day, South Coast the next, then the evenings and the partial days in Reykjavik.

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