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Homeland Security in Grundarfoss, Iceland

Yesterday I showed an image of Grundarfoss and it’s mysterious lava tube and troll. I was remiss. I should have mentioned that there is a welcoming team.

Say hæ, everyone! They’re kind of like the airport security guys who check your suitcases at the airport, so you know the drill. (Don’t expect to hide anything in your pockets.)

Grundarfoss and Its Mysteries

I took this image of Grundarfoss on a very cold morning because, well, how cool is it that the public water supply of a major city of 872 people (huge for Iceland) is a waterfall. Very cool! So cool, I could hardly hold the camera steady.

But look what I missed, at the base of the cliff just to the right of the base of the main fall: a lava tube. Now, how cool is that! But, of course, it’s a public water supply, so no snooping around there. Rats. What about the troll at the base of the hill at the left of the image. I bet they’d let me go visit it.