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The Mountain Twice

Snæfell, the great mountain of East Iceland (not to be confused with Snæfell, the great mountain of West Iceland), is rarely seen. She cloaks herself in weather.

Gunnar’s House is just above lake level (and just past the lake), pretty much in the centre of the image.

She is always present, however, not just in the cloud she gathers to herself out of the living air but also in the Lagarfljót, the lake that fills the valley below her. There you can walk along the shore of the water she collects out of the sky. Snæfell is one of the great transformers — much like a great white raven, really.

A Short Mountain Identification Guide

This is not a mountain. It is a plateau above Grundarfjörður, cut away by ice. It is, in other words, a fall, or a fjall in Iceland.

Similarly with Kirkjufell below, just west of town. Not a mountain either.

However, the one below, in Berserkerjarhraun is a mountain. Fire has heaped it up. It mounts.
The one below at Glitstaðir is tricky. Neither mountain nor fjall, it’s a fell (Skálafell). Behind the farm it rises to 225 metres.

But this is just a glacier: langjökull, seen from Reykholt.

There just aren’t many mountains in Iceland. Lots of places where you can fall down, though.