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Iceland’s Elves Are Scarcely Hiding at Midsummer

It’s one of the things about the height of summer in Iceland: everything comes alive. Lichens give elvish faces to every rock, water moves more mysteriously, and the faces that peer from nearly every rock are more intense. You should have no difficulty spotting many faces in the rocks round this little waterfall on the Stapavík Trail.

Thing is, some of them are more intense than others and hit somewhere very deep inside one’s spirit.

See that yet? maybe? Maybe not? Let’s look again, then:

The elves are never far.

Slow Travel: The Black Beaches of East Iceland Coming to Life

Iceland is a country best explored slowly, and on foot.


When it is called “a beautiful country,” it means that every step is beautiful. Easy does it.

It comes to life as you walk through it, changes you, and remains within you.