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Why It Took So Long to Discover Iceland

To my ancestors, blue, white and gold were one indistinguishable colour.

The Road to Rettarskard

If they had come to Iceland, they would have only seen a pink glow of the sun in the snow, so faint they might just not have found Iceland at all. And they didn’t! The colours had to be invented first. I’m glad they did, though!

The Earth, Bleeding

Both these images of Icelandic birches were taken around 3 pm in early November. In the first, the red light is brightening the colour of the birches at Geysir.birches-2

In the second, the sun is blasting through snow at Hraunfosser, without diminishing the red of the birches.p1390163

Red is not a bright colour. That is not its strength.