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Geo-Engineers in Iceland

Iceland is famous for its green technology, especially its geo-thermal heating and power generation, not to mention its tunnelling technology for road construction. Hats off! What’s more, some of its tunnelling technology is also adaptable to tunnelling in water. We can all learn a lot from its geo-engineers. Here’s a couple having a well-earned break.

Tunnelling Puffins Coming Up for Air in Borgárfjörður Eystri.


Where the Sea Speaks

Here in Reydarfjörður, the Atlantic has strewn the tidal zone with treasure. Let’s call that speech.It is the same gesture, and all North European ancestors knew it, for to strew is to speak, and what one speaks is scattered, like bird tracks on the shore, on the edge of the place where ocean speaks, the strand.

Presence can be speech.

If You Talk to Ravens

They will do tricks for you. If you talk to them. That’s because you’ll startle them and they’ll do acrobats mid-air to try to understand your bad accent.tricky

Don’t worry. They’ll repeat what they think you said so you can get it right. You’re up to this. Don’t worry. They’ll always have the first word…and the last. But you’re good with humility, right? Sure you are!


Hanging Out With the Winter Swans

This is a waterfall. It is not a swan.p1370712

Ah, but this is a waterfall, too, the same one, in fact, a little later in time, and flowing up against 8500 year old lava, and it is not a swan, either.


Many days and years of this waterfall are not swans either, but they do lure swans down from the sky, and become filled with their spirit.

p1370756It would be fair to say they were their spirit all along.

p1370751Some things take time, that’s all.