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What Are We Looking At?

Yesterday, I surmised that the Nordic eye that is neither thought nor memory, and thus not consciousness, is the body, looking out, and asked what it was that we are looking at with that eye. I suggested vision, a presence of being rendered physical.

If that is what we are looking at, it is quite foreign to the contemporary world. Today, human eyes look out to see the social, at all times.

But in a one-eyed landscape, is it really social, or is that just a contemporary, North American word placed on a far different manner of presence?

At any rate, it’s quite different from a human/non-human relationship of being, such as Iceland-outside-of-Reykjavik:

But, here’s the question: is that relationship social, too? But not “social” in terms of human-to-human interactions? 

And so, we come, as we seem to always do, to another question: if there is a non-human social relationship, what is it with, or, perhaps better put, what is a human social relationship when it includes non-peoples?

And what does that say about interhuman social relationships? Something to dream about overnight!

Being At Home on Earth

Just a few metres away from a ruined farmhouse.p1310488

…some people cross the line to make images of themselves…

… or of nature…


… but not of how to live in it…


… not of how to be home, or of how that continues when you leave.


Or of what it means to stay.


The earth is a social space.


Human society is something different.


Nature becomes a space of disobedience. This is called freedom.


Isn’t it time to go home to the earth?

p1320175When you live there, there is no nature.p1320264There is a different freedom.p1320246



Not everyone can leave for the city.