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Iceland Travel Tip #2: Instead of Reykjavik 101

The  101 district of Reykjavik is famous for being trendy. It is, admittedly, a great place to stare at the architecture that replaces a view, in generic spaces full of cars, dumpsters and starlings, all most familiar and comforting…

…but  you could go to Frambuðír and have a view deep into the Atlantic and Iceland’s heart.

Easy to get to. Just fight your way out of the city, north on Highway 1, turn left at Borgarnes, and before dinner time, with the Snaefell glacier looming over you, turn left to the little church at Buðir. Park, and walk west on the path closest to the sea. Within an hour, you will be staring out of this old farmhouse.  Because you won’t want to leave, there is, conveniently, a hotel right beside the church. You can shelter there.

When you come back to Reykjavik, if you come back, you might see it more directly.

Just saying.

Water Paths in Iceland

There are vertical paths.

There are horizontal ones.


In a gale, they can be both at once.


We see these falls as paths because we are pathfinders. See the path to the right in the image below? Can’t resist?


Of course not. That is the human spiritual trace. The sheep is an elaboration, and exquisite for that. These creatures are not paths but warmth, hearth and home. Their other form is this:


That is a sheep and a human family, spiritualized as one, in time. This is the water path that makes it possible:


It is one with them, because of human path-finding. That is the spiritual path at the edge of the known world.

Being At Home on Earth

Just a few metres away from a ruined farmhouse.p1310488

…some people cross the line to make images of themselves…

… or of nature…


… but not of how to live in it…


… not of how to be home, or of how that continues when you leave.


Or of what it means to stay.


The earth is a social space.


Human society is something different.


Nature becomes a space of disobedience. This is called freedom.


Isn’t it time to go home to the earth?

p1320175When you live there, there is no nature.p1320264There is a different freedom.p1320246



Not everyone can leave for the city.